Learning with the St Lawrence


Image from video taken by Stephany Hildebrand

CBC News – What goes in the water

Date: Nov 16 2022

Text by: Verity Stevenson

Photos by: Stephany Hildebrand

The trip through the locks heading into Montreal on the St. Lawrence River is long and languid.

Sitting on the top deck of their research ship, the scientists are reading, typing away on a laptop, napping under the emergency zodiac, the only piece of shade on this sweltering August day, and braiding a friendship bracelet attached to a Nalgene water bottle covered in stickers.

This is one of the few moments on the Lampsilis research vessel where time stands still, offering respite amid the usual mad dash of collecting samples and data analysis. In less than 24 hours, these scientists will be hovering over the place where the river carries Montreal’s wastewater downstream.

But for now, it’s one of the few places on the St. Lawrence River where the water is almost still...”

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Still of the short CBC News Documentary

How clean is the St. Lawrence River?

Date: Nov 30 2022

Narrated by: Verity Stevenson

Screenshot from the talk available on YouTube

Kathleen Vaughan’s plenary address at the 29th Annual River Symposium

Date: Oct 27 2022

Talk by: Kathleen Vaughan

Event hosted by: River Institute